Crossroad Life corporate fast

21-Days of Fasting & Prayer (Jan 17 - Feb 6)

The Outer Court (Days 1 - 7)
First Court: Deals with me
Menu: Vegetables, Fruit, Lentils, Juices, Water
The Inner Court (Days 8 - 14)
Second Court - Deals with all that concerns me
Menu: Vegetables, Fruit, Water
The Holy of Holies (Days 15 -21)
Third Court - Deals with God as God deals with me (it's just Me & God)
Menu: Vegetables & Water
Modify to accommodate or prepare to end. Some may incorporate beans the last day or two as preparation to end the fast and before going back to a full meal.

We fast with the right motive, expectation, and purpose. Disciplined fasting is always coupled with a spiritual goal. So, during this time of fasting, you will want to focus on prayer, study and meditation.

Disclaimer: If you have medical challenges, and/or are restricted to certain dietary instructions, and/or are in the care of a physician, or have questions regarding your health and this fast, it is important that you consult with a/your physician or medical counsel before you begin this fast. This fast doesn’t preempt your physician’s instructions.

Fasting: What Does It Mean?

There are many examples in the Bible where fasting had a profound effect.  Barnabas and Saul/Paul in Acts, Moses in Exodus, etc.  Jesus even spoke of the power of fasting (& prayer) in Mark.  We fast often, however, have you ever wondered about the nature of fasting?  
What is Biblical Fasting?  Why do we fast?  How do we fast?  How does fasting impact us spiritually & physically?  What are the medical aspects of fasting?
Thanks to our covenant connection with the Christian House Of Prayer in Killeen, Tx, we can offer some additional insight on fasting.  Pastor Valerie Holcomb published a workbook based on the teachings of the late Apostle Nathanial Holcomb's series on fasting.  Download this free resource to bolster your knowledge of fasting as we open the new year on our continued journey to elevate our relationship to God.