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Ramsey+ will give you an easy-to-follow personalized plan for money. You will be guided through Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps, which starts with saving for an emergency fund and ends with building wealth and giving. Learn how to handle money, budget with confidence and set, track and reach your financial goals. Within the first 90 days of following the 7 Baby Steps, the average family pays off $5,300 in debt and saves $2,700.

Normally $129.99, this great financial resource is absolutely free for Crossroad members!!

What you get with Ramsey +

Get a quick win and see progress right away in this crash course of 10 short video lessons featuring Rachael Cruz and Chris Hogan. It’s an introduction to all the terms you’ll hear moving forward and the mindset shifts you need to make to succeed with the program.

The Legacy Journey is a biblically based course that teaches you how to truly live and leave a legacy for generations to come. This course will lead you deeper into investing, basic estate planning, purposeful living, safeguarding your legacy, and discovering the keys to generational wealth and true generosity. Through video teaching, discussions and interactive activities, you’ll learn a biblical framework for living intentionally now so later you’ll be able to leave a legacy that will secure your family’s future and make a lasting impact on the world around you.

Have a money question? A Ramsey Preferred Coach is on deck and ready to guide you, starting with a free coaching call. After you submit your question, three coaches will reach out to schedule your free call. From there, you can choose your coach and invest in more sessions to iron out a plan for your money.

You’ll learn how to save an emergency fund, get out of debt, save for retirement and college, pay off the house, build wealth, and give generously. It’s a lot to work, but it’s all incredibly motivating—and rewarding! Don’t worry, Dave simplifies the process by taking you through the 7 Baby Steps. In fact, you’ll find that the first four lessons explain the Baby Steps to a T so you can get started right away! Believe us—once you get moving on the first Baby Step, momentum and your own intensity will keep you going.

In Smart Money Smart Kids, Dave Ramsey and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, team up to share some personal family stories you don’t want to miss! Get a no-nonsense approach for teaching your kids and teens the basics of money.

Deep dive into zero-based budgeting using EveryDollar. No matter what Baby Step you’re on or your stage of life, discover a clear-cut way to make a budget that actually works.

Money is personal. Discover the fears and behaviors that could be holding you back

You get access to three Apps with Ramsey +

• Learn with Financial Peace University

• Budget with EveryDollar

• Track with BabySteps

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