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Our Mission

To touch every life with the love of Christ by knowing Him and making Him known!

Our Vision Is 3D


In this dimension God teaches us that He is faithful to do for us those things which we cannot do for ourselves. We cannot save ourselves from sin. We cannot free ourselves from Satan’s grip. He is our Deliverer.


In this dimension God challenges us to grow in grace and in the knowledge of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is here that God establishes an undeniable track record of His faithfulness to us in every area of the human experience. Simultaneously, we have opportunity to develop a track record of faithful discipleship and partnership in the process.


Since God is Sovereign, and as we mature, grow and develop, this dimension is where we experience the Lordship of Jesus. Jesus can only be Lord, when we submit to His lead. If He is allowed lead, then He is the Lord.
So....  Our vision perspective is that God desires--and every community needs--the many vibrant, relevant and effective expressions of what Kingdom Life is like. God is not religious, but instead He is relational. He delivers us. He develops us. He moves us to our destiny, which is our highest and best use in serving Him, and one another, in community, together.

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