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How it all started...

The birth of Crossroad Christian Church begins July 16, 1995.  After a successful career as a military officer and combat pilot, Anthony and Margo Wallace and their children returned to Dover Delaware.  For some time, Anthony had been sensing God's call to start a Bible study and to teach God's Word to others.

 So it was, in the living room of their modest home, those small but exciting Bible encounters began with 12 people. After nine months of planning and anticipation, the first Sunday worship experience was held in a rented room at the local senior center.

The core message of Deliverance, Development, & Destiny ignited what would evolve into Crossroad Christian Church.   God made proof of His promise by growing Crossroad to one of the largest ministries in the Delaware area and it is still growing today.

Vision received...

Expanding the vision...

Over the years, we held worship services in several locations in the area.

 In 2001, Crossroad Christian Church expanded to Dover, DE, where we  are  currently still thriving!

Since then, CCC has grown to an active membership of over a thousand believers who still gather weekly to encounter God's presence and hear his Word.

At Crossroad, it is all about HIM, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. We believe that anything that is healthy is supposed to grow and we are grateful to God that his hand is still resting on our ministry.  Salvation and  spiritual growth is the heartbeat of our church. Our aim is to build disciples that can teach what they have been taught and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

Where we are headed...

A number of vital ministries and programs serve our women, men, youth, and community. Many events took place in those earlier days that brought prosperity and allowed for the growth and continuation of Crossroad to what it is today. A great number of people have made significant and valuable contributions and become etched into the rich history of this church.

To say that God has undoubtedly blessed what He uniquely birthed that Summer day in 1995, would be a tremendous understatement. Now approaching our third decade of ministry, we can recall countless testimonials of God's saving grace. 

God has kissed us with seasons of inexplicable, but undeniable miracles and tremendous favor. After 25 years of God’s grace, we are still learning, growing, giving and serving.... together!

Be a part of our story...

We hope you will consider becoming part of the story that God continues to write here at Crossroad Christian Church, changing minds and transforming lives through God’s Word.

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am.

See you soon!