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Scripturally based instruction geared towards prepping the teens for the challenges they face in school & life.

You don’t have to be ruthless or cold-blooded to succeed in the world today. Success doesn’t require talent, good looks, or inherited wealth either. In fact, all success really requires is a determined mind that is committed to persisting despite any and all challenges that may come your way. In short, success requires PERSISTENCE. Let's go young people lets keep moving forward.


You Didn’t Come This Far to Only Come This Far

By waking up every morning and repeating this, you remind yourself of all the success that you have had so far in your life and are ready to tackle the day.
Without a doubt know that God is with you, this will helps us realize that if we were to quit, as we all have a tendency to do from time to time, how much we would actually be giving up.

You Get What You Focus On

This keeps our minds focused on what is important. So often we have a tendency to fall in the trap of having very negative thoughts that consume us. This, if repeated daily, can remind you of the importance of staying positive every day of your life. 

You Can Find an Excuse or You Can Find a Way

In every crisis, you have two options: keep going or give up. Usually, if we choose to keep going we are able to overcome whatever obstacle lies before us. However, if we choose to make excuses for our misfortunes or every minor setback, we ultimately may end up throwing in the towel.
So, use this motivational mantra for success to dust off when life tries to knock you down and KMF(Keep Moving Forward).

I’m Doing This for Me

All too often in life we get crippled by our fear of what other people think. We are often times so consumed with keeping others happy that we forget to chase our own aspirations. This is not intended to promote selfishness, but to remind us that the best and only way to truly help others is to help ourselves first.
You matter, your dreams, goals and aspirations matter. So use this to remind yourself that its okay to do you.

Action Conquers Fear

This one is a very simple, short and straight to the point that says it all. Fear keeps us from achieving our dreams. Overcoming fear often times requires action. Action can sometimes involve risk. Risk, also has a result action, this is our way of overcoming all that we fear. 

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

How many times have you said “I’ll do it tomorrow.” One of our worst enemies is the notion that we have more time than we actually do. The best time to start is now. So, live in the moment and chase all of your dreams while you are still in your youth. 

Don’t Wish for It, Work for It

For success this has the ability to get you out of your head anytime you drift off into the world of what could be. You know what you want, so there is no time for daydreaming about it. Instead, get to work. The difference between success and failure is the action that you take today. 

Excellence Does Not Require Perfection

When we are passionate about something, whether it be fitness, business, etc., failure and imperfections can drive us crazy. This reminds us to not chase perfection, but instead excellence.

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